Wednesday, January 30, 2008

He takes after his mother

He loves his food. I still have some reservations about starting solid foods this early (four and a half months) but it seems that Joseph is at least somewhat ready. He helps stick the spoon into his mouth and eats at least as much as he smears all over himself. I hope that's a sign that it isn't ridiculously early to start with solid foods. He was also showing the signs the pediatrician said meant he was ready for solids (constant hunger, waking up more often at night, etc.) but the pediatrician has also said a lot of things that don't make any sense, which is a topic I will not even start on.

Except to say that I'm pretty sure that pre-Neolitihic humans didn't have rice cereal as their first food, so it can't be that stupid an idea to start with fruit or whatever. But we did wind up feeding the baby cereal because 1) I am chicken, and 2) as my father said, those Neolithic people were born thousands of years ago, whereas Joseph was born in September.