Friday, November 5, 2010

trucks and hats

I did manage to make a dump truck costume for my first born.  Three boxes, some crazy glue, a quart of semi-gloss, and a sharpie. He was definitely impressed for about five seconds. 

This was the first Halloween I bothered dressing anybody up.  Joseph was a baby for his first and second Halloween; last year I had three day old twins so we pretty much took a pass.
Violet's costume was an elf hat (pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing) and a play silk from Joseph's school.  I'm not totally clear what she was supposed to be (some sort of pixie or fairy, I suppose) but it was cute.
Poor Harry didn't even get a makeshift costume; he just got another elf hat and some grainy photographs.
The babies cooperated and kept their hats on for hours.  Halloween magic, I tell you.


Anonymous said...

These are so creative and perfect.
When I was little, our block had a halloween costume bike parade. I was Snoopy. Non original store bought costume with mask, but my dad made a cardboard dog house to go over my bike. Unfortunately it was too big for me to ride the bike and wear it. Your costume immediately brought back that treasured moment and your little one will remember your craftiness forever. Great work mama!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you ever even check her Karen, but I totally want you to blog again. I hope the children are all well.