Tuesday, November 18, 2008

this is one fine looking loaf of bread

But it took forever to knead and now I have carpal tunnel. It's the 100% whole wheat bread from the excellent Bread Baker's Apprentice. It really was delicious, as was everything I made from that book, especially the pizza dough, which I'll write about some other time.

I'm really not interested in kneading anything right now though (maybe when it gets colder?) so I'm going to return BBA to the library for now and focus on Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day which I actually dream about. It's due back at the library on Friday and I'm so okay with paying the late fee just so I can try out the panetone recipe this weekend. I've made a few sandwich loaves, all of which were very good, but the most fantastic thing to come out of this book is the BRIOCHE. It involves like a dozen eggs and a gallon of melted butter, but it is heavenly. I just made croutons out of the last few slices and they are the best croutons in the world. I think I need this book from Santa.

The real lesson here is that everything I've made from either of these books tastes better than any bread I've made from internet recipes.

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