Wednesday, March 17, 2010

soda bread

This is not quite soda bread. It's more like a cake with the essence of soda bread. Whatever it is, it's moist and delicious and I'm all for it. I used this recipe except I used part whole wheat flour and skipped the caraway seeds and the butter/sugar topping. We ate it too quickly so now I have another in the oven, this time with a bit less sugar and butter instead of oil. Because I cannot leave well enough alone.

In unrelated news, my new computer is still causing me grief. My pictures are all over the damn place and I can't get them arranged in a single file in Picasa. I almost cried, then I moped away and ate half the soda bread/cake.
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Anonymous said...

The soda bread looks delicious. And the computer photos everywhere is what prompted me to get an external hard-drive. Now all pictures get put there.