Monday, March 17, 2008

the wearing of the green

Today I had a helper while I was trying to baste the quilt. He helped by trying to grab the trees and flowers off the fabric. You can see that he's figured out how to get his knees up under himself, so I suppose crawling is on the way. Horrifying. Last week he discovered that he can push himself around on the floors: he lies on his belly and then pushes himself up and smacks the floor until he moves. Sadly for him, he can only go backwards this way, so he can never reach what he's trying to. But he can maneuver clear across the room, which must be pretty thrilling for a baby who just a few weeks ago couldn't even roll over.

In the last week or so he has also started to babble--he's making noises that sound like speech, albeit in some very foreign language. So now he has a whole repertoire of sounds: babbling, squealing, happy shrieking, raspberries, and the usual variety of cries. He makes quacking noises when he's trying to fall asleep. He starts with loud, confrontational-sounding quacks (like one duck if challenging another to a fight, I suppose) and ends with quiet moany quacks just before he falls asleep. Last night he didn't want to fall asleep so he happily quacked, blew raspberries, and bicycled his feet until he passed out. It was pretty much the sweetest thing I ever saw.

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