Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This weekend we went to the park, where we saw ducks, swans, waterfalls, the kind of little kid tiny amusement park that I dimly remember from childhood, and all kinds of happy families doing happy-family things like barbecuing and playing with dogs. We left our dogs at home (sadly, many outings are better when we don't include the dogs). Joseph seemed to enjoy watching things from his stroller (if by "seemed to enjoy" you mean "did not scream") , and Scott and I embarassed ourselves by not being able to tell a duck from a goose. Seriously, we need help sorting out ducks vs. swans vs. geese. Water fowl. Sheesh.
Also, any doubts I've had about the cuteness potential of baby boy clothing have been set to rest by Joseph's hat. He has matching overalls but he isn't wearing them because the combined cuteness would cause the other babies to despair.

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