Thursday, February 21, 2008

Freckles loves Joseph and Joseph loves Freckes.

This makes me so happy. For a few weeks Joseph has been laughing, squealinlg, and stomping his feet when he sees the dogs. Also, now that Joseph needs to grab everything he sees, Freckles--and especially her ears--are extremely wonderful to him. He tries to lunge out of my lap to grab her, and she has been more than patient with this. She's basically a good natured dog--tortured by anxiety, but ready to love anybody. From the beginning she's been interested in the baby; when Joseph was a newborn Freckles would follow Scott or my mother around when they were holding him, as if to make sure they knew what they were doing. If the baby was sleeping in his cradle (ha ha) she would perch on the bed watching him. We don't know what inspired this interest, whether it's because she has some maternal instinct because she had puppies before we met her or because she likes the baby's smell. Probably the latter.

Can you believe how small Joseph is? I think he's three or four days old. Freckles clearly is impressed by the diaper. She's like "Finally! I've been trying to get these people to stop washing themselves for years. I respect and admire the filth of this small human."

Indiana, meanwhile, not so much. We have dozens of pictures of Freckles and Joseph, but hardly any of Indiana and Joseph because Indiana pretty much just runs away from the baby.

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