Friday, February 8, 2008

tastes like chicken

We've been doing a lot of toe sucking and foot eating here lately. I'm pretty sure that this started as his effort to see what he can make food come out of (so far he hasn't had a lot of luck, but he's optimistic), but it developed into a source of fun in its own right. Of course naked feet taste the best, but he'll settle for nibbling on socks or--my favorite--pajamas that have little animals as the feet. Pictured above: chicken feet.

Look how happy these feet make him:
Every time he grabs them he gets all satisfied with himself ("Look what I have!"). Other things that make him happy include looking at Freckles, stomping his feet, standing up (with help) and taking a bath. It is very easy to rescue this child from a bad mood.

Are all babies this happy? Scott and I wonder about this. Scott says that everybody has a mood thermostat which basically predetermines his mood. Scott's thermostat is set to "eh" and mine is set to "uh-oh," so it must be some recessive gene that has set the baby's thermostat to "hooray!" Unless babies are all this cheerful, which is probably the case.

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