Monday, February 4, 2008

This is what crazy looks like

I've been exploiting Indiana's neurosis. He has this stuffed giraffe that he guards and obsesses over. He hides it under the desk and in the hall bathroom, two places that he knows Freckles will not visit. Freckles, for the record, does not care about the giraffe and probably has no idea that it has this strange power over Indiana. We usually don't let Indiana have the toy for too long because it's too pathetic to see him furtively moving it from room to room, like it's the one true ring and he is a demented hobbit. However, after Indiana woke the baby up about four hundred times last week by barking at the construction workers across the street, I've decided that Indiana can permanently have his stupid toy because at least it keeps him quiet. Whenever he starts to growl I say "Indiana, where's your toy" and he grabs it and runs to another room to admire his precious. I feel slightly guilty but mainly proud that I've outwitted the dog. The current score is Indiana 400,000, me 1.

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