Wednesday, April 9, 2008

almost crawling, actually sleeping

Joseph has been working very hard on crawling. Over the past week he has slithered, crawled backwards, and scooched, but he cannot seal the deal on crawling. So sad.

Last week he figured out how to go from his belly to sitting up. Now that he has mastered this move it needs to be executed at all available opportunities. Especially mid-diaper change: he rolls from his back to his belly and then quickly sits up, clearly satisfied with himself. Quite a mess.

Also, weird and wonderful things have been happening in Joseph's crib. Like sleep. You just plop him down in there when he's tired and he goes to sleep. Sometimes he cries a bit, but mainly he makes tiny animal noises and passes out. This is after six and a half months of rocking, nursing, and bouncing him to sleep. Now all of a sudden he's way beyond all that baby stuff.

These two pictures were taken six minutes apart. He was yawning so I put him in the crib. Apparently he was not quite ready to sleep, so he sat up (ta da!) and played...

and a scant six minutes later...

he's unconscious. Without screaming. Nice.

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