Monday, April 21, 2008

it's official

We're officially crawling here. He worked out the kinks last Wednesday and now he's alarmingly fast. Crawling is clearly an opportunity for babies to flirt with death. They must get some kind of adrenaline rush from narrow escapes with death. All Joseph seems to be interested in is electrical outlets, wires, the dog bowl, table lamps with dangly cords, slobbery dog toys, shoes, and the cabinet where we keep (make that kept) the food processor. I don't know if dangerous/gross things are inherently tantalizing or what. So we had a weekend of fast babyproofing.

The picture at the top of the post is from last week, just before he managed to crawl forwards. I was on the floor sorting through my fabric to find god knows what, when he helped himself to a piece, and then dragged it as well as Freckles' precious lion toy into the corner. He was very satisfied with himself until he realized he was stuck. The major difference between crawling backwards and crawling frontwards is that now he can go wherever he wants (toward Indiana's gross orange bone, at the moment).

Should I be worried that he plays with the dogs' nasty toys? Because I'm not (I'm too busy trying to keep him from sucking on electric outlets, etc.). I don't think they'll make him sick, and dog toys aren't really dirtier than the floor, which is where he spends all his time anyway. And the dogs don't seem to mind. Freckles brings Joseph toys, and Indiana has suddenly decided that the baby is not a problem but an opportunity--he'll put up with the tail-grabbing and toy-stealing in exchange for the food-dropping. Indiana is a wise man.

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