Friday, May 9, 2008

far too many pictures of the baby standing

Yesterday I just wanted to spend fifteen minutes working on the quilt. I had all kinds of help measuring and marking up the quilting lines.

What you do not see in this picture is that I also had two dogs who are extremely interested in arts and crafts. Whenever I get on the floor it is clearly because I need two dogs and a baby to climb on me, not because I need to cut a pattern or measure anything or do some yoga or dust under the table. This is obvious to everyone in the house except me. As charming as this was, I really wanted to get to work on this quilt. It's been in progress for three months and I would like to have it done before I move this summer. So I did a bad mama thing.

I sat him in a plastic storage bin so that way he couldn't electrocute or otherwise injure himself and I gave him a scrap of fabric to play with, figuring he would chew on the fabric and amuse himself for five minutes while I finished marking the quilt top. Instead:

Ta da!

Joseph has been pulling himself for a few weeks but now he's quite skilled. He pulls himself up on pretty much anything--pants, kitchen drawers, the safety gates we put up to keep him out of danger zones:

I like how in the second picture he looks like a crazed prisoner. So does Freckles, for that matter. I also like how in the first picture Indiana is just a blur. This is realistic. Also nice is that you can see how I haven't snapped the baby's overalls--they're just hanging there like a dress. It's so hard to dress this child that after changing his diapers I can't be bothered to do much more. He's way too busy to sit still long enough to get changed. Please. At least today the baby's wearing clothing, as compared to yesterday's nakedness (as witnessed by the first three pictures).

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