Saturday, May 24, 2008

finally finished: the baby's quilt

I finally finished making the baby's quilt. It's been five months, at least. The quilt top design is a disappearing nine patch, arranged pretty randomly, in case anyone cares. It's basically every green scrap of fabric I had, along with a few fat quarters bought specifically for the quilt.

The quilt is done just in time because Joseph is now actually sleeping through the night. Really. It's been nearly three weeks. I hardly wanted to mention it before because I thought I'd jinx myself. He cried a few times the first two nights and then started sleeping right through until about five in the morning. That is not ideal, but it's a lot better than waking up every two hours, definitely.

So anyway, he sleeps in his own bed with his own quilt, which I remove when I go to bed so as not to suffocate him. The decision to sleep on his stomach is all his own.

Indiana helped me sew on the quilt's binding; he sat in my lap under the quilt while I did the hand sewing in front of the TV (thank you for the company, Gilmore Girls). When he sees a blanket he assumes it's for him to burrow under. As soon as I finished it I put it on the floor to admire and he wrapped himself up in it. How come every picture I take of him is blurry? I need to figure out how to use this camera and stop embarrassing myself.

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Marcia said...

Love the baby's quilt. The color choice is perfect! (Always the hardest part for me.) You did a wonderful job.