Friday, June 13, 2008

fed the baby, bought a house...

We've had plenty going on during the last few weeks, namely traveling to Florida and buying a house. The house hunting process in not as grueling as I thought it would be--we saw fifteen houses, most with major problems, and two that were great. We put in a bid on the house we liked most, they countered with a number that was only symbolically higher, and we're set to close in a few weeks and then move at the end of July. I've never bought a house before, so I wasn't sure what kind of drama I was expecting, but it was all really mellow and low key. Now I'm beyond excited about getting all set up at our new house.

While we were in Florida we visited the beach a few times. Joseph was not fond of it--he is not into cold (or even tepid) water or loud noises (e.g., waves).

See that hat? We lost it somewhere. I'm still bitter about it. We have three or four sun hats, none of which are as cute as that one.

The plane right to Florida was uneventful, but the plane ride back, when we were all exhausted an longing for home, was not good. The baby was tired and couldn't settle himself down in my lap, so I basically had to nurse him for the entire flight. I started out fairly discreet, but after a few hours of a crying baby and getting angry looks (seriously! as if I was making the baby cry) from people across the aisle, I just started to whip it out as fast as I could. And since I was in the middle seat (to keep busy baby legs out of the aisle) I essentially had my nekkid bosoms eighteen inches away from the stranger occupying the window seat (a very patient man). If I had any lingering reservations about indiscreet public breastfeeding, they are now gone. Spending five hours with your shirt basically off will do that for you.

Here he is on the flight out, being entertained on his daddy's lap.

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