Monday, June 30, 2008

sewing spree part three: curtains, a problematic dress, and the baby loves yellow

These curtains are for my mother's house. It's nothing more than a hemmed piece of fabric the exact size of the window and then drawn up with tabs which close with velcro. The buttons are decorative. At first it looked awful because the bottoms were too floppy but my mother came up with the solution of sticking a dowel through the bottom hem and that gave it the support it needed. You can't tell there's a dowel in there because we arranged the folds of the curtain over the hem. The fabric is, I think, a linen-cotton blend.

This dress started out with a pattern and then I redid the entire thing twice. The pattern had an empire waist and loads of pleats under the bust line, which made me look huge. Pregnant, actually. So I got rid of that and added a wrap (surplice?) bodice and now I have a dress that I'm fantasizing about wearing over a bathing suit all summer.

And in non-sewing related news, Joseph is going through a phase where he really likes yellow. He has a rubber duckie that he likes to sleep with and he's always grabbing grapefruit off the table. Here he is trying to feed Scott a lemon. He also likes to play with my yellow tape measure and the shopping lists I write on yellow legal paper. I hope this doesn't mean he's color blind or something. I clearly need to make him a yellow lovey of some kind.

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