Sunday, June 29, 2008

sewing spree, part two: skirt for me & pants for the baby

I think I'm happier about this skirt than I am about anything I've made in a long time. The scalloped hem is from this tutorial. The skirt itself is made of cotton (twill maybe? I don't know) cut on the bias, with an elastic waist. I copied the shape from another similar skirt I had. The front and back pieces are literally the same, that's how simple it is. No darts or anything. Making the skirt took twenty minutes, making the hem took much longer.

Do you like how there's rubbish on the floor? Awesome photo styling.

These pants for the baby are linen and have little pockets. The inspiration for the pockets (which you can't see because the pants have a wriggly baby in them) came from something I saw on this website but now I can't find the right post. They have a drawstring waist because I ran out of elastic. I made them much too long (again, problems fitting clothes to squirming baby) but I think they look very cute rolled up. Like he's going to go wading and get frogs to put in his pockets. Not yet.


Lacey said...

Love the skirt and all your other sewing endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Your skirt is gorgeous!

Karen said...


Liesl said...

Oh, nice work! I love seeing finished project based on my tutorials, and your is lovely!