Wednesday, June 18, 2008

standing & talking

On Sunday the baby stood up on his own a few times. He didn't even seem to realize he was doing it--he was busy patting Freckles/grabbing the remote control/etc. and then all of a sudden he was standing with no hands.

And then yesterday he said "mama." The first time he said it I wasn't sure it was real--he babbles so much that eventually he was bound to make a babble that sounded like mama. But a few hours later he said it several times, and Scott was home to witness it, and he agreed that it was the real deal. Granted, this has only happened when I'm saying "mama" to him, which I will admit to doing very often. But I do think (hope) he knows that I'm this mama he's heard so much about.

His other new trick (he has had a busy week: standing, talking, feeding himself) is taking off his diaper. Here he is, holding his diaper cover and wearing, thank god, a securely fastened fitted diaper made from monkey-printed green flannel. The next time this happened we were not so fortunate.

And here he is up against the porch door imitating a catfish (according to my father):

Actually, he's wearing another kind of cloth diaper there--I made it from a shrunken wool sweater from Old Navy. I have been on a diaper-making tear lately.

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