Thursday, December 18, 2008

how to test whether an ornament is child-safe

Last night we (finally) got around to opening the box of ornaments and assessing which of them are unbreakable enough to get put on our tree this year.  In my infinite wisdom, I decided to "test" one of the balls by dropping it on the garage floor.  I was totally sure it was plastic.  It was not.  I ran into the house to tell Scott how dumb I am (he agreed) and then proceeded back into the garage to dig through the box to find more plastic ornaments.  It turns out that "digging" and "glass" don't mix, and another ornament broke.  At this point I was wondering whether I had had some kind of mini-stroke.  Scott then took over with the ornament unpacking, promptly deciding to jackass around with two more "plastic" ornaments, sending one onto the floor of the living room, breaking it. 

We hadn't even been drinking, more's the pity. 

We came up with some more foolproof ways to test whether an ornament is breakable:
  • put it in your pillowcase
  • sit on it
  • chew it
  • hide it in your shoe
More later on ornaments that are actually unbreakable (because they are made of felt, which I know because I made them).

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