Friday, November 20, 2009

major success

We've had some major successes this week, starting with a trip to the grocery store during which the worst thing that happened was a four year old sneezing on Violet.  We can all thank Zoloft for the fact that the four year old (and her mother) did not find her life cut short right in the middle of the Whole Foods dairy aisle.

Another big deal is that I've spent much more time with Joseph and the babies at home, without my parents or Scott taking Joseph for part of the day.  This has not been fabulous (life with two babies and a toddler makes the previous 31 years of my life feel like an extended vacation) but neither has it been the nightmare I anticipated. Joseph is easily amused, Violet sleeps like she's drugged, and even Harry spends the greater part of the day unconscious as long as I nurse and bounce him every twenty minutes or so.  I'm pretty much able to meet everybody's food/laundry/hygiene needs, and even do a little bit of knitting and sewing (in two minute intervals, but still).  I feel super accomplished as long as I hold myself to this new, realistic standard and don't try to do anything insane like clean the bathtubs.  I want to cry when I look at my neglected garden, but maybe this spring I'll do something about it.  Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Karen, you are awesome. I think life in the first 6 months is all about the little victories (like not killing bystanders and ignoring the piles of lint under the changing table). Congratulations.

Tammie said...

congratulations. i think about you often.