Friday, July 11, 2008

almost a quilt

This is a project that has been occupying a frightening amount of my time during the past month. I saw this from an old Wee Wonderfuls post and knew I absolutely had to make something like it. I had never pieced curves, and the last (and first) quilt I had made turned out quite wonky, with corners that didn't quite meet up, so I wasn't sure that I had the patience to piece anything as intricate as this. I considered appliqueing the roads on top of pieced squares, but my applique skills aren't any better than my piecing skills. So I made a template, and when that didn't work I kept making templates until I had a set that worked, and then I cut out eleventy million pieces of fabric. It turns out that piecing them together actually wasn't hard at all--you just have to pay attention (go figure) and take your time (which is always a problem for me).

Anyway, I'm pleased with myself. The next step is to embroider a dashed line down the center of the road and then actually quilt the thing. I don't know what the backing is going to be--probably a sheet, but if I can find something with little cars that would be good.

Now I officially have done so much sewing in the past few weeks that I don't want to look at my sewing machine for a while. Which is convenient, seeing as how after we move I indeed won't see it for a few weeks. So I have some knitting to keep me busy during the interim, and then I can return to sewing by making new curtains etc. for the new house (I already have ideas, hooray!).

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