Monday, July 14, 2008

baby hijinks and knit pants

This is what I have to contend with when I use the computer.

It's like he's trying to tell me to stop wasting my time on the interwebs.

Meanwhile, I have knit the baby a soaker instead of finishing the packing and finding dog-friendly hotels for Scott's cross-country journey with the dogs.

I used the free tiny birds pattern but I left off the cuffs because of the laziness issue. I learned the importance of a gauge swatch because when I finished them I had a new pair of underwear for myself. They were, let's say, a bit too big for Joseph. So I partially felted them and now I'm very pleased with the results. I really like having nice-looking diapers & diaper covers because I'm too lazy and it's too hot to dress the baby.

We're full swing into talking and standing here. By "talking" I mean he waves and says hi ("haaaaai") pretty regularly (to the dogs, natch) and he says mama and dada when he feels like it. And he stands like it's his job. All the time.

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