Monday, August 18, 2008

the beach

Last week we took Joseph to the beach. While he has no use for the actual ocean (too loud, too cold) he loved playing in the tidal pool. He enjoyed puzzling over the sand and chasing after the birds. In fact he stared at a bird, and then said as clear as day "puppy" (actually, "bahpi"). I guess anything small and alive is a bahpi. Meanwhile, our very own bahpis are trying their best not to eat him, which we appreciate.

In other news, sometimes I love the library so much I feel like I'm having some kind of illicit affair with it. I sneak off to check my email to see whether my hold requests have come in. I take the baby to storytime at the library as a thinly veiled excuse to browse the stacks. I get all tingly about the fact that the Jacksonville library lets you have twenty holds and zillions of materials checked out at once.

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