Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today we had a picnic at the beach and then got a bunch of things done around the house so I think we've managed to exorcise our demons.

Scott assembled wood for some raised planting bed we're putting in the garden. He's graciously humoring my fantasies about growing vegetables despite the fact that I've never quite managed to keep a house plant alive. But I'm going to grow huge piles of butternut squash (even though I bought the wrong seeds) and great mountains of lettuce and that'll show them. I mean, seeds want to grow, right? That's the whole point of seeds, clearly? The other day I asked a really intelligent question along the lines of "how will I know what is a weed and what is something I'm supposed to eat" and I could see Scott adding up all the money we're totally not going to save by having a garden. Patient man.

And there are our helpers. Seriously, when you take out the camera they both light up. I think they practice with one another when we aren't looking. See the stones lined up at the base of the fence? They're to slow Indiana down because he wriggled under the fence within eight hours of its installation (we found him trotting happily around the cul-de-sac, like "look at all this stuff to pee on, whee!")

Indiana helped me finally baste this quilt top that I've had sitting around for a while. He believes that fabric on the floor means that he has to burrow underneath it so this was very restrained of him just to sit on top, so it does in fact count as helping.

Throughout all of this Freckles is behaving like a lady. She does not interfere with anything that isn't her business and she doesn't jump in front of cameras. Somebody raised her right.

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