Wednesday, August 6, 2008

our stuff

We're all in Jacksonville, and after a week and a half of sleeping on the floor and living like a couple of hobos, our furniture has finally arrived (nine days late). We were very relieved when it arrived, only to discover that some of it had been damaged, which I'm not even going to write about because it makes me too mad, and some of it has been lost. Some highlights of what was lost:
  • all the baby's clothes that he would have worn this fall and beyond--i.e., his 24 month size clothing, including some things I made him
  • my sewing things (scissors, rotary cutter, etc.), including all the patterns I drafted, not to mention the patterns I bought
I realize that in the greater scope of human misery, this doesn't really amount to much, but it still rankles, especially since the moving company was so crooked and went so very out of their way to deceive us.

But anyway, focusing on the positive, I now get to buy new sewing things and sew a new wardrobe for the baby. I've ordered some patterns and I'll take a trip to a fabric store later this week, so that should at least be some consolation.

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