Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a knitting spree and why is nobody in this house wearing any pants?

I've spent the past week listening to Harry Potter audiobooks (the reader is so amazing that I don't feel like I'm losing anything by not reading the books) and knitting. 

I finally finished this sweater for Joseph.  The pattern is from Debbie Bliss's Simply Baby.  It's a little big, which is something of a relief because I spent so damn long sewing up the seams that I wasn't sure it would still fit him when it was done. 

 I especially like the button closure on the shoulders.  I'm all for anything that makes it easier to dress a toddler who is running in the opposite direction.  This is why Joseph never has pants on in any picture I take of him.  It just isn't worth the trouble of getting them on him, and then you just have to take them off to change his diaper.  Pointless.  If I ever have a girl she's only wearing dresses and socks, period.

I also made this wool diaper cover.  The pattern is the WHW wrap and I finished it in five days, which means that anyone else could probably finish it in a few nights of TV watching.  I made the large size, which turned out to be very huge.  It would easily have fit me, which was not what I was going for, so I felted it a bit  and now it fits Joseph well enough. 

The only thing I'm not thrilled about is the Velcro closure, because all Velcro does is present a challenge to little hands, and the result is a nekkid baby roaming the house.  The solution is to put pants over the diaper cover, but I've already explained why I'm anti-pants.  I should have had the courage to try out how snaps would work, but I was afraid the fabric woudn't stand up to snaps. 

In related anti-pants news, I was watering the garden this afternoon and got attacked by fire ants, so I had to take my pants off hose myself down.  This why we garden in the back yard.  Because me screaming pantsless in the frontyard would have alienated the neighbors even more than our Obama bumper stickers.  Or maybe not.

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