Friday, October 24, 2008

this is the best picture you will ever see


Indiana has to visit Joseph's crib after nap time, otherwise he barks. I don't get it.

Joseph's latest accomplishments:
  • when you ask him if he wants to "fly" (get tossed in the air), he crouches and puts his arms out at his side
  • when he sees his cup, he becomes rapturous
  • he dances when he hears music
  • he says mama (and "mamamammamamamamammamama"). Sometimes mama means me, sometimes it just means "somebody had better come love me now."
Typical conversation with Joseph:

Me: let's say hi to dada
Joseph: mama
Joseph: mama
Scott: dada!
Joseph: mama!
Karen: dada!
Joseph: mama!

I love you too, baby.

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