Friday, October 17, 2008

roads quilt

Joseph is test driving a quilt I made for a friend's son. It was inspired by one I saw at Wee Wonderfuls.  I mainly used some colorful fabrics I already had and supplemented with a few new fabrics.  Most of the fabrics I used have a lot to look at--cowboys, frogs, farm animals--so the little one will be able to play memory or eye spy with it when he's old enough.  The "road" is gray kona cotton with yellow embroidery floss.

I based the quilt block on drunkard's path but with an added piece to make the roads.  Making the template kept me busy for a few days, but other than that the quilt top came togheher very quickly.  Piecing curves is a lot easier than it looks.

I stitched in the ditch alongside the road pieces but I wasn't satisfied with how it looked, so I echoed that line with more quilting a quarter inch away. It still looked empty, so I quilted circles in the center of every "loop" the road makes.
The backing is a sheet from Target.
I'm pleased with how this came out, and I'm making another one for Joseph, which should be even easier than this one because I have lot of leftover pieces from making this quilt. 


Laura147 said...

Hi, my sister is having her first baby and i wanted to make her a quilt and i really love this one. Would you happen to have the pattern?

Anonymous said...

I am really glad you posted this. I have this crazy idea to make a similar quilt, but to them applique on to it local landmarks that happen to be along our extensive network of bicycle paths in town. I'm not a very experienced I am wondering if its too big an idea, as I would not be doing a crib quilt, but at least a throw sized one...

Heather said...

I would love to be able to grab the template as well. My nephews first birthday is coming up and it would be so awesome to give him a racetrack quilt!