Tuesday, January 20, 2009

handmade children's goods swap

 playing with a spoon, some dirt, and a dog toy

I should say right off the bat that we definitely have some plastic toys around the house, and we also have loads of non-handmade stuff, and that furthermore Joseph is probably happier playing with a spatula and a binder clip, or a slobbery dog toy, or a few handfuls of dirt, than he is with anything I've ever made him.

Nonetheless, the more aware Joseph becomes of his surroundings, the more motivated I am to make sure that most of what he interacts with is handmade or natural--or at least not toxic, sweatshop-made, logo-emblazoned, or cruddy-looking.  

So.  In the spirit of celebrating beautiful, safe, lovingly handmade children's toys and other things, I'm really happy to be able to participate in bird and little bird's handmade children's goods swap.  The idea is to get the stuff in the mail before February 10th, the day that law goes into effect.  I'm so looking forward to an excuse to do some sewing other than the pile of very boring mending I have sitting next to my machine.

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