Friday, May 15, 2009

The Idle Parent

I thought I'd stop puking/napping/complaining in order to mention how much I love the idea of this book I read about on ohdeedoh.  Given my current state of mind (and body) I'm especially drawn to his manifesto, which includes such pearls of wisdom as "we reject the idea that parenting requires hard work," "we reject rampant consumerism," and "happy mess is better than miserable tidiness." 

In an excerpt, the author describes the joys of staying home (as opposed to schlepping all over in the name of entertainment):
People are scared to stay at home all day because they think the kids will get bored. But things happen of their own accord. You don't need to leave the house...At home you can play Scrabble, you can eat on the floor, the kids can make dens. You can learn how to play together, or you can get on with your own jobs and pleasures and let the children exist around you.
When your days are spent alternating between the sink (for throwing up), the couch (for lounging), and the computer (for google searches like "can morning sickness kill you" and "anemia symptoms"), this kind of perspective is very reassuring.

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lisa ridgeon said...

Hi Karen. After Annie sent out a distress call i happilly offered to send you some swap as you missed out before. Couldn't find an email address so just thought i'd say hi! Only heard about this last night so give me a few days to sort something out and i'll let you know how i get on.
Best wishes