Thursday, May 28, 2009

in praise of white paint

Whenever my father comes to visit he paints things for us.  This is incredibly helpful because painting is just not something I have figured out how to do with a toddler on the premises.  This winter my dad painted all our nasty cheap-looking oak kitchen cabinets (photos forthcoming), and this spring he painted a rocking horse I found at a garage sale for $10.

Joseph loves it.  Having mastered riding it, he now prefers standing on it. 
It wasn't too terrible in its "before" state, just tired and ratty looking.  But now with its slick coat of paint it matches all the other white-painted thrift/garbage/garage sale finds in our house.

Case in point:

This chair was discovered by friends in their neighbors' trash. Here's my boy in his chair a year ago, right after I painted it:
Tiny and bald. I keep wondering whether the new baby will have hair. 


Tammie said...

man alive how do you keep your floors so clean?!?!

Karen said...

My dogs clean (obsessively lick) the floors, and the baby likes to sweep up dog hair. It's like a little ecosystem.

Tammie said...

thats amazing.

youve trained your underlings well.