Thursday, May 7, 2009

a few things

  • Yes, I am being a loser about posting.  This is mainly because I am 1) exhausted and 2) not particularly creative right now.  However, this afternoon I started getting a pattern ready to make Joseph a romper, so perhaps I will have something post-worthy soon.
  • Tonight, Joseph--naked after his bath--pooped behind the chair in his room.  I was chatting with my mom and somehow we both failed to notice that he had pooped, stepped in it, and smeared it on his belly.  Emergency bed-time carpet cleaning and baby washing is definitely a job for two people, so I was very glad my mom was around.  
  • Joseph and I have managed to eat about a dozen bagels and a quart of cream cheese over the past few days.  I've scarcely had any bagels since leaving New York (five years ago this month!), and while it goes without saying that the bagels from the freezer section at Whole Foods don't hold a candle to even the worst NYC bagel, they're still making me pretty happy.

1 comment:

Tammie said...

i've missed you lately, but understand your absence.

i love bagels and cream cheese. i usually make do with the freezer section bagels but there is a pretty good bagel place here in gainesville and i try to hit it from time to time.

oh, and poop sucks and is almost always a two person job.