Monday, April 27, 2009 a good way

The good news is that I'm pregnant, the bad news is that my time is now divided between puking, napping, eating thai noodles, and neglecting my son.  I'm only ten weeks along, which some people would find too early to be making announcements, but since all I can talk about is how crappy I feel, and since my mother and husband are no longer charmed by vivid tales of vomiting and dizzy spells, I'm having to cast a wider net to find an audience.

So far, this has been much rougher than my first pregnancy.  I had some morning sickness then, but this time it's infinitely worse.  In one of those paradoxes of pregnancy, I'm also ravenous.  Oh, and my hips are suddenly really wide--with Joseph, his didn't happen until right before he was born.  I suppose this is because it's a second pregnancy.  And my belly is already pretty big, but this might be because I eat too much.


Tammie said...

well congratulations! but sorry about the puking and i hope the gross feeling ends soon.

(the last sentence of this post made me laugh out loud.)

Angie said...

Congratulations! Wide hips early...hmm...sounds like a girl! At least that is how it was with my little daughter!

I sure hope you feel better soon!