Thursday, April 9, 2009

a birthday smock

This smock was a present for a friend's child's second birthday.  The pattern is from Bend the Rules Sewing.  The blue fabric is a nice sturdy (but not stiff) twill that I got who knows where.  It's thick enough so that I didn't have to line the smock like I did last time.  The fish fabric has made a few appearances on this blog:  it is a twin sheet set that I got at Target to back a quilt and then used to make Joseph a shirt.  And there's still a ton of it left.  That was $15 damn well spent.

I am getting to be quite the old hand at attaching bias tape.  This is a skill that is not going to impress a lot of people, I'm afraid, even though I make Scott and my mother tell me how awesome everything I make is.  I think this is why I love the internet.  It's filled with people who appreciate bias tape and mitered corners and french seams and all the little details that make me pat myself on the back.


Tammie said...

i agree. that was $15 damn well spent.

i am right on the threshold of making my own bias tape, so yes, your bias tape THRILLS me. seriously, i find myself thinking about bias tape at odd times throughout the day. does this mean im strange?

i borrowed my friends copy of Bend the Rules and have it on my nightstand. i just began making the clutch on the cover.

oh, and the smock is adorable.

Karen said...

Ha, I have daydreams about having bias tape makers in ALL the sizes clover makes. How's that for a rich fantasy life?

liz said...

you make the cutest stuff! love the use of sheet! gotta keep my eye out for stuff like that!

thanks for your nice comment on my blog btw... liz