Sunday, April 12, 2009

pajama top

I made this pajama top for Joseph because we're always running out of PJs for him. Pajamas are the limiting factor in our laundry, so I'm trying to build up our supply so I don't have to do the laundry quite so often. The pattern is this lovely free one at Habitual. I added two sets of ties--one on the outside and one on the inside--so it stays put all night.

Yes, the bias tape is more of the fish sheets. The brown cotton is actually another sheet. I had a gift certificate for Kohl's that I wanted to use before I misplaced it, but I didn't want to buy any clothing so I got two cotton sateen sheet sets to sew with. One is this very nice chocolaty brown, and the other is a dusty blue.  They are very soft and drapey.  I'm in the process of making myself a dress out of the brown fabric, but I've kind of lost all motivation so it will have to wait.

My one recommendation for sewing with sheets is to use pinking shears because the fabric sometimes frays like crazy. I didn't have this problem with the fish fabric, but that was a slightly heavier weight. But the sateen, it goes to pieces.

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