Thursday, April 2, 2009


For a few weeks it was like a bib sweatshop here.  I became very smitten with this pattern and cut about a zillion bibs and then ran out of interest about halfway through attaching the bias tape.  They are gathering dust next to the sewing machine, waiting for me to have a burst of energy.  This style of bib has armholes and it ties in the back, making it useful for older babies and squirmy toddlers for whom traditional bibs are kind of irrelevant.  Joseph is getting to the point where he is too old for any kind of bib (if he wants to smear peanut butter all over himself, no bib on earth is going to stop him) but I figured it wasn't a bad idea to have a stack of these on hand for the next time I need a baby present.  If I ever finish attaching the bias tape. 

These bibs are more traditional, good for drooly babies and less enthusiastic food smearers.  I made the pattern myself by tracing a bib I liked; they're just turned and topstitched, and either close with a snap or a velcro dot.  I sewed up stack of these few months ago for a friend's new baby.  I think the tweed one is particularly hilarious.

For the record, every bib I make is either backed in flannel or has a layer of flannel sandwiched in the middle of two layers of cotton.  Some patterns call for terry cloth, which is a real pain to sew with, so I don't use that.  A layer (or two) of flannel is plenty absorbent.


Adrienne said...

Thanks for the bid construction info. I am planning on making some bibs for a new baby in the family and wil use flannel for the backing instead of terry :)

Karen said...

Good luck with making the bibs--I'm glad i could be useful.