Wednesday, September 2, 2009

play sushi

At long last:  nine sets of knit sushi for a playfood swap I'm doing with some crafty local mothers. 

Salmon rolls, California rolls, and pickled ginger.  Wasabi seemed like a choking hazard, so I didn't make any.  Soy sauce and chop sticks also not included.

 I used this pattern and scraps of wool and cotton yarn.  The pattern is really an excellent stash-buster--it calls for fingering weight yarn but you can swap in heavier or lighter yarn as long as you accomodate by increasing or decreasing stitches accordingly.

Next time I attempt a project like this I need to make something simpler (pancakes?) because this took way too freaking long.  This project lasted at least eight netflix (a legitimate unit of time in my world). 


Kira said...

The pita sandwiches took me a season of True Blood and a season of Dollhouse, so I understand.

Angie said...

I like how you measure things in Netflix. Thanks for making me laugh!

Barefoot_Mommy said...

Wow,... 8 netflix??? I think I would have given up. BTW.. super cute sushi! I love play food

Anonymous said...

Wow, 8 Netflix takes a lot of dedication! They are adorable, though. I might have to make these for my little sister who is obsessed with sushi (and Japan in general).