Monday, September 28, 2009

knitting for sanity, part 1

If it is possible to delay labor simply by ignoring contractions and focusing on yarn overs, then that's exactly what I've been doing.  I figure that if I'm supposed to be on bed rest, I may as well knit my little heart out since that's pretty much the only productive thing you can do in a semi-recumbent position (crying and bossing people around being less than productive).  So that's how I've spent the past two weeks:  knitting through every scrap of yarn in the house. 

This baby cardigan was a very fast and easy knit.  It was brainless enough to complete during the initial fog of medicine and panic.  My only issue is that my gauge must have been even weirder than usual because the sweater looks like it would fit a very robust two year old, which is a bit bigger than I had anticipated.  

I'm enjoying how the (very basic) lace pattern makes this cardigan look a bit like my Liesl.

The pattern is available free here, which I would totally recommend to any beginning/intermediate knitter. 
The yarn is comfy worsted from knitpicks, which washes so damn well I couldn't be happier with it.

Next up, more baby sweaters!


Kira said...

Very cute! Do you actually make a gauge swatch before you start working on a pattern? That might have presolved my problem with the baby bootie aka potato cozy.

Karen said...

I'm ashamed to say that I almost never do a gauge swatch, unless the yarn I'm using is of a different weight than what's recommended in the pattern.

Anonymous said...

I will also admit to never swatching for children's garments. It will fit eventually, right? In fact, I only swatch for adult sweaters. Keep yarn overing and k1-ing those contractions away.