Thursday, October 1, 2009

knitting for sanity, part 2

I'm not as happy with this version of the Debbie Bliss baby shrug as I was with my last effort.  Unless I am badly misremembering the anatomy of a six month old, I fear there will be bagginess/sloppiness issues, and that the solution would have been a button. 

Furthermore, the seaming was murder and it looks like crap, and I had a really hard time picking up stitches to do the ribbed border--you really have to pick up a ton of stitches when you're working the outside of a curve, but you need to pick up much fewer on the inside of a curve.  Otherwise you wind up with a drooping, puckering mess.   It took several tries to get it reasonably right.

The yarn is (once again) Knit Picks Comfy Worsted, which I could not love more even if I tried. 

But wait!  What is that lovely piece of quilted gorgeousness under the baby sweater?  Stay tuned!


Jenni said...

is it just the angle of the pic or is one sleeve longer than the other?

Karen said...

It's the angle. I was too lazy to get off my rear for long enough to take a decent picture.

Tammie said...

the color is really pretty.

i cant wait to see the gorgeousness under the sweater.