Monday, October 19, 2009

doll quilt

Joseph needed a blanket so that the dozens of toys in his crib could be properly put to bed.  I thought this would be a way to use up some of my random blue scraps but it barely made a dent.  Why do I have so much blue fabric?  I don't even like blue.

Anyway, 2 inch squares, patched together, backed in some truck and train fabrics (because everything has to have a truck on it these days, okay?), quilted in the ditch, and bound with more blue scraps.  Now I kind of understand why people get all into making doll quilts.  It's totally on a manageable scale.

Two more things:
  • This seems like a pretty slick way to piece together tiny squares; I will have to try it out when I grow up enough to use interfacing.
  • This is the most inspiring assortment of doll quilts.

1 comment:

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I haven't tried my hand at quilts yet, but I really want to make one. I'm just afraid I'll never get around to actually finishing it.

You do have a lot of blue fabrics. I recognize the lady bug and flower print. someone made the B a blanket out of it.