Sunday, October 18, 2009


After an especially stressful morning involving one of my dogs attacking the other dog (again), and the ensuing horrible decision-making process which I'm sure I'll get into here once I stop hating myself, I am focusing on trying to be peaceful.  Calm.  Zen.  In that spirit, this is a list of easily accessible things that make me happy, or at least prevent a seriously bad day from becoming stratospherically awful.
  • A long hot shower with nice-smelling soap.  The more expensive the soap, the better.
  • Broadway show stoppers, belted out shamelessly.  By me and only me.  I truly hate when other people sing show tunes, or pretty much anything else for that matter.  This would be hypocritical but for the fact that I only sing at home, alone, with the shades drawn.
  • Essential oils in the laundry.  We use some very virtuous, additive-free, earthy-friendly laundry detergent, and sometimes it leaves our clothes smelling a bit disappointing.  Some lavender essential oil in the fabric softener dispenser solves that problem and also makes my whole garage smell nice, almost like a place that doesn't harbor colonies of vermin.
  • Tea.
  • Take out.
  • New fabric or yarn.  It's amazing how much distraction you can buy for under $20.
  • Long walks.  Preferably by my own damn self, thank you very much, but my husband and kid are okay too.
  • Organizing my closet.
  • Making something.  Dinner, a sweater, some coasters.  I think it's a very primitive response to the mystery of creating something out of nothing, but making stuff usually takes the edge of a bad mood for me.  Of course the correlative is that when a project doesn't work out, I feel rotten.
That's enough to work with.  Now I'm going to make some tea and sing flamboyantly.


Tammie said...

you sing your heart out baby. and im sure whatever decision you made/have to make was for the best.

Karen said...

Thanks, Tammie.

Blogger Grrl said...

No need for soap to be ultra-expensive: