Saturday, October 3, 2009


Three weeks of bed rest down, less than three more to go.  At that point I'll be 35 weeks pregnant and the coast will be clear for the babies to arrive. 
You can tell he's sleeping because his eyes are shut, of course.  
And yes, that is a bulldozer that he has tucked in bed beside him.

It hasn't been nearly as bad as I had thought.  I get to spend all day watching DVDs and knitting.  Sometimes my parents (who are now settled in town, hooray!) take Joseph for the entire day.  A bunch of amazing women from a moms' group I belong to have been bringing us dinner.  I feel like I'm on some kind of crazy retreat.

So far, the only real problem I've had is that I miss my little boy.  There's only so much interaction you can have with an energetic two year old when you're stuck in one place.  It's frustrating not being able to hang out with him the way we ordinarily do--playdates, errands, cooking, puttering, etc.  That said, life as we knew it was going to be temporarily suspended anyway once the babies were born, so it's probably best that we all begin this transition while nobody is sleep-deprived or hormonally fraught.

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Tammie said...

too cute.

im glad your parents are there to help.