Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Handmade Home

I usually avoid buying craft books because they either
  • are filled with projects I wouldn't need instructions to make,
  • focus on projects that look like they came from a big box store, or
  • embrace an aesthetic that has no place outside a 1990 craft fair; this is especially true of books geared towards crafting for kids.
But this book is making me very happy:

There is not a single project in there that tries to replicate something you could buy at WalMart or BabiesRUs. The aesthetic is deliberately handmade, thrifted, simple and natural.  Best of all, hardly any interfacing is called for (because seriously, why take beautiful natural materials and crap them up with nasty stiff interfacing?  I HATE INTERFACING.) 

Handmade Home is now sitting next to my bed, exploding with post it flags. I desperately need to cut up some ugly old towels in order to make a bath mat;  then I have a bunch of pouches and wall pockets and bags to make for my boy.  This book has me seriously considering making cloth maxi pads.  Yes, I just said that on the internet. 

Loads more inspiration from the book here.


Tammie said...

i so want this book.

Not Hannah said...

Not only do I want the book, I want the cloth maxi pads. Will be scouring around for this baby.

Kira said...

I already have cloth pads. They are super awesome and if you're already doing cloth diaper laundry, there's no argument against them. If you can molest Sarah's serger and snap press I suggest you get on that bandwagon pronto and whip out a batch of postnatal pads.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I definitely want this book now.