Friday, October 2, 2009

in which I find out how big a queen sized quilt really is

I started this quilt last summer (i.e., August of 2008) after we painted the spare room an especially obnoxious shade of orange.  My goal was to tone down the orange walls by making a quilt that combined orange with a boatload of white and green.  In my universe, white and green = calm, soothing, peaceful.  Orange is a color for people who are better adjusted than I am.

Sadly, I had underestimated the amount of work that goes into making a queen sized quilt, utterly lost interest in ever seeing it completed, and became well and truly disgusted by every inch of fabric I had chosen.   Meanwhile, we painted over the orange walls.

But last month, in a burst of pregnancy-related nesting, I finished the quilting, and then I finished hand sewing the binding during the first week of bed rest. 

Now that it's done I kind of love it.  I think it helps that I quilted the crap out of it:  I think my quilting lines are only an inch and a half apart.  Even fabrics that probably have no business being near one another look perfect when they're smothered by miles of quilting. 

But my favorite part is the backing:  it's an old white sheet on which I appliqued some leaf shapes.  I'm pleasantly surprised that the white quilting lines don't seem too obvious on the brown leaves. 


Not Hannah said...

Wow! This is just lovely. Can't wait to read more about your "stuff!"

Tammie said...

karen this is gorgeous! oh my i love it!!

Anonymous said...

Karen, that is absolutely gorgeous. I love it! I think the green and orange are such a happy color combinations. If I quilted, I would totally steal your idea. :-)

Amanda, Jake, and Parker Patow said...

You are amazing! Beautiful!

Karen said...