Saturday, October 24, 2009

a vest (or, knitting is magic)

I made this vest as part of Joseph's holiday finery. I'm really amazed when I follow a pattern that seems entirely composed of reasonable, easy-enough steps, but at the end I get a result that blows my mind. The pattern was easy to follow, and cables turn out to be no big deal, yet I feel like such a hot shot for having made a real live cable knit vest. This is why people knit--all you have to learn is a few basic movements and all of a sudden you can transform a tangle of sheep hair into something complex.

The color is totally off in these pictures. It's more of an olive green.

As soon as the temperature goes back below 70, he's wearing this at least three times a week.


Kira said...

Dayum! It's great! You are giving yourself too little credit, though. I can follow instructions for a baby bootie and end up with a cozy for a giant potato, or try to make a beanbag and end up with a display of unmendable holes. You've got knitting SKILLS.

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern. It's been in my queue since it came out. Yours is beautiful.

Karen said...