Friday, October 30, 2009

coasters & craft books

I'm sort of in love with these coasters. I love things that are house-shaped, but it's how you can tuck your spoon into the little door pocket that kills me. I also appreciate being able to use up random scraps of fabric.

The pattern is from this book:

I made a few minor changes: the original doesn't call for any topstitching, but it's my experience that things launder a lot better when they're topstitched. Also, the pattern has you hand sew the window appliques (actually, reverse appliques) but there's no way that's going to stand up to the laundry. Washability is a key factor in this house. As I think I've written before, it's either washable or it's garbage.

The gray felt squirrel-shaped tea cozy on the cover of the book has me wishing I could come up with a vaguely plausible need for a tea cozy, but we are sadly a boil-the-water-in-the-microwave type of household.


Anonymous said...

I have seen the book but I haven't checked it out yet. Lovin' the house coasters. Nice!

Tammie said...

love the coasters. i top stitch everything. everything. if i dont, it falls completely apart. i have learned this the hard way.

Amanda, Jake, and Parker Patow said...

I am just learning now that you must have been posting this with newborns in your arms!? Crazy lady!
Cute coasters though.