Monday, October 5, 2009

toy bags & a new book

 I made these little drawstring bags to corral toys that have multiple parts.  That way the red choo choo can be found immediately and maybe we don't have to throw a tantrum.  Also, since the bags are labeled with (approximate) pictures of their contents, it's easier for everybody to find and put away toys.  Theoretically.

These were so easy to make that I feel silly for not having made them months ago.  They aren't even lined.  For each bag I just sewed together two pieces of linen, each 8.5"x11" (why that size?  Because the ruler and the cutting mat were all the way in the kitchen, whereas a stack of printer paper was right next to my bed, that's why).  I used this tutorial for the drawstring casing, and I'm pretty sure I initially got the idea for labeled toy bags here.  So far I've only made bags for the train set and the finger puppet set, but more are in the works.

The idea for the little circular patches came from Bend the Rules with Fabric.  It was so easy that I now plan to sew circular patches onto everything that sits still.  I used Heat'n'Bond lite (which does not fall under my blanket ban on interfacing) to iron them on and then I used a zig-zag stitch around the edges.

BTRWF also has me convinced that freezer paper stencilling is not outside my crafting comfort zone, and is making me wish I felt confident enough to dye fabric.  But I'm still concerned that troubling chemicals + my total lack of attention to detail = ER visit.  This book has also made me reconsider those pieces of fabric you can print a picture onto; I had previously though they were unforgivably cheesy with no possible application to my life, but then I saw this project adapted from the book and I am in love.  Joseph needs T-shirts with pictures of all his animal friends. That is a fact.

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