Sunday, October 11, 2009

treasure bag

This little bag is for Joseph to put all his important objects into; it was inspired by a project in Handmade Home.   It's just the right size (8.5"x11", imagine that) for a toddler to gather rocks from the neighbors' gardens, or to carry around a tambourine to which he has suddenly become very attached, or to pretend to carry groceries in, or whatever.  It's the same linen I used in the toy bags, and the pocket and straps are made from the same fabric that I used in the sling because vehicles are the source of much joy in our home these days.

Joseph seems kind of underwhelmed by it, to be honest.  I can't predict what will strike his fancy.  It turns out that scraps of fabric that I was too lazy to carry over to the trash can are perfect blankets for his truck collection, whereas painstakingly crafted stuffed animals are neglected.  Happily, he's going through a phase where he really enjoys "mama made" clothing, so that's gratifying.

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