Saturday, October 10, 2009

do not expect any coherence here

A few days ago I called it quits with the bed rest but since I'm slow, achy, tired, cranky and hot I'm not good for much other than sitting very very still, directly under the fan.  It's still too hot in Florida to even consider venturing outside. 

Actually, I'm in a crappy mood.  It's the usual late pregnancy aches, pains, and insanity, combined with the lurking fear that this could continue for eight more weeks, end in a very negative medical experience, and be followed by months of intense sleep deprivation.  Just to give you an idea of how delightful I am to be around, today I punished a misbehaving smoke detector by beating it to death with a frying pan.  Then, when my sewing machine started misbehaving (always a surefire insanity trigger) I cried myself sick. 

Here's a brief list of things that have been keeping me out of jail:
  • DVDs.  In particular True Blood.  I'm a terrible reviewer, so I'll let the facts speak for themselves:  when the final DVD of season 1 got stuck in the older and crappier of our two DVD players, I didn't hesitate for one second before prying it open using a knitting needle. I needed to watch that DVD. 
  • Organic junk food.  It turns out that gummy bears don't give me heartburn.  This alone is a reason to eat bags of them a day.  Chocolate covered almonds do give me heartburn, but this isn't stopping me.
  • Craft books.  I have a pile by my bedside that I plan to write about once I can put together a complete thought.  Which will not be today.


Tammie said...

given your situation(very pregnant) and the fact that we've had record temperature highs, i think you have every right to be crabby and insane. hang in there.

we've been watching True Blood too. im in the middle of season 1. even though i have read the books, i was still sad when the grandma died. i really liked her.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I'm so sorry that you are miserable and cranky. That particular part of being pregnant SUCKS.

I will have to watch True Blood. I'm like the only person I know who doesn't/hasn't.

And it's totally normal that you beat the fire alarm to death with a frying pan. Serves it right.

(my verification word to leave a comment is "bednes".... wierd no?)