Monday, October 12, 2009

rescued t-shirt

While I was digging through our box of stuff that's destined for Goodwill, I came across this shirt.  I had rejected it because of the pointless and ugly sports logo that was emblazoned on it.  I decided to try rescuing it by covering the logo with a patch made from some of our ubiquitous truck fabric.  Voila!  No more ugly shirt, hello "mama made dump truck shirt."  Since Joseph requests a truck shirt every day, I plan to dig deeper into our Goodwill box in search of more dumb shirts to make over.

I ironed on the patch using double sided fusible web (heat'n'bond lite) and then secured it with a somewhat tight zigzag stitch.  The edges are a bit frayed after several washings; the fraying could be avoided by using a super tight zigzag stitch, but I didn't want it to look to perfect--I wanted this patch to look patchy, not like a very slick applique.


Tammie said...

it, like everything you make, is adorable.

i bet money it was a stupid jaguars logo.

Karen said...

Ha, it wasn't a jaguars logo but it was definitely stupid.

Amanda, Jake, and Parker Patow said...

As I said in the last post..amazing! I love this!