Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a completed Liesl

This sweater--made from the justly famous Liesl pattern--is a knitting first for me:  something that I can actually envision buying in a store.  The color may be bland but it matches all the other dirt-colored things in my wardrobe.  It also is the first pattern I actually paid for. The thick yarn (KnitPicks Shine Worsted) and huge needles make it a satisfyingly fast knit.  Also, it wasn't hard, once I realized that I had to pay attention to the stitch count instead of just watching the Netflix and hoping for the best.  I'll definitely knit this again (already bought the yarn, actually) but I'll make the sleeves longer.

I had Scott take these pictures because tripods and toddlers don't mix.  We don't have full length mirrors in our house (for some very good psychological reasons, such as the fact that full length mirrors stop me from eating lunch, if you get what I mean) so I'm not used to seeing my new expanded dimensions.  Whenever I get a glimpse of myself I really can't imagine how I'm going to make it three more months.  All of my internal organs have already been displaced by baby limbs (at the last ultrasound there were four feet lined up against my rib cage) so I imagine that the only place to grow is out.  Troubling thought.

P.S. Yes that is a giant stain on my dress.  I have nothing to offer in my defense.


Tammie said...

the sweater is gorgeous. i love the color.

and i wouldnt worry about the stain. its under your belly, so if you cant see it, then its not there!

lisa ridgeon said...

Your post made me giggle. I love the cardigan, i so wish i could knit. And i didn't even notice the stain until you mentioned it. If it makes you feel better i went out the other week with my t-shirt on inside out! I have no excuse apart from i'm obviously a bit daft!

Karen said...

Thanks for the sweater love and the stain understanding, ladies.

Anonymous said...

I love the sweater. It looks fantastic! It's been in my queue for awhile, I should really make it.

PS- You are pregnant with twins *and* have a toddler. If you didn't have some stained cloths, I might think you were some sort of alien/superwoman.